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I love the Mexican rock group Café Tacuba! All the time I was writing the scene between Quistis and Seifer at Ma Dincht’s I was listening to the song, so much so that I unconsciouly ended writing parts of the song into the narrative.

I think the feel of the song A Useless Enchantment is a good companion for that portion of Quistis’s Journal

If you would like more information on the group and you read Spanish, go to their official website www.cafetacuba.com.mx

Another cool latino rock group are La Ley, they hail from Chile and they are AWESOME!!!

All the songs from these groups have great lyrics! Here are some more:

Soda Stereo from Argentina – Disbanded :(
The voice of the group, Gustavo Cerati launched a solo career, you can check him out by clicking on his name…

Fabulosos Cadillacs (Argentina too)

Aterciopelados (From Colombia)

Control Machete (Mexico) (Okay, these guys don’t do rock, they are hip-hop artists but they are sooo good!!!!)

How do I know about these groups? I don’t even listen to commercial radio, just the university’s gab station! That’s where friends come in… My friends! I have great amigos! And they all luuuve me! They know my musical tastes, and I never lack good stuff to listen to…! I thought I would share it with others. Also, I I watch a lot of movies and when I like the soundtrack…


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The song Next To Youthat Rinoa serenades Squall with at Seifer’s and Irvine’s Graduation party is actually composed and sang by Brazilian songstress Bebel Gilberto from her album Bebel Gilberto which in many ways signified her “International” debut in 2004.
Listen to it here:

Normally, I only use partial lyrics, but what you read in the chapter are the complete lyrics of the song -short and sweet!-

I think she has an amazing voice and her lyrics are great! If you like her voice like I do, listen to her album Tanto Tempo, which is entirely in Portuguese, but wow, it sounds sooo good!!!

i’ve fixed the problem, so now you can enjoy both songs!

SeeD and the City-Unhappiness

The track is by Celia Cruz and the song’s title is “La vida es un carnaval” The lyrics are in Spanish, but I’ve included the translation after.

La vida es un carnaval
from the album Celia Cruz: Éxitos Eternos

Todo aquel que piense que la vida es desigual
Tiene que saber que no es así
Que la vida es una hermosura
¡Hay que vivirla!

Todo aquel que piense que está solo y está mal
Tiene que saber que no es así
Que en la vida no hay nadie solo
¡Siempre hay alguien!

¡Oh, oh, oh, Ay! No hay que llorar
Que la vida es un carnaval
Y es más bello vivir cantando
¡Oh, oh, oh, Ay! No hay que llorar
Que la vida es un carnaval
Y las penas se van cantando

Todo aquel que piense que la vida siempre es cruel
Tiene que saber que no es así
Que tan sólo hay momentos malos
¡Y todo pasa!

Todo aquel que piense que esto nunca va a cambiar
Tiene que saber que no es así
Que a mal tiempo buena cara
¡Y todo cambia!


¡Es para reír! No hay que llorar

¡Para gozar, para disfrutar!
¡Para vivir cantando!
Todos podemos cantar
Sí, señores

Todo aquel que piense que la vida es cruel
Nunca estará solo
¡Dios está con él!

Translation from the Spanish:

All those who think life is unequal
Should know that it’s not like that
That life is beautiful
It must be lived!

All those who think that they are alone and are unhappy
Should know that it’s not like that
That in life no one is alone
There’s always somebody!
Oh, oh, oh, Ay there’s no need to cry!
Life is a carnival
And is better to live singing
Oh, oh, oh, Ay there’s no need to cry!
Life is a carnival
And our sorrows will leave when singing

All those who think life is always cruel
Should know that it’s not like that
That it’s only bad moments
And they’ll be gone

All those who think this will never change
Should know that it’s not like that
That we should put on our best face
And everything changes


We should be laughing! There’s no need to cry
We should enjoy it! We should have fun!
It’s better to live singing
We can all sing
Yes siree!

All those who think life is always cruel
Will never be alone
God is with them!

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For all those people who enjoyed reading Quistis’s Journal and wondered what those title songs sound like, I’ve made the first one Summer Kisses, Winter Tears, which is by Elvis Presley sung by Julee Cruise available for listening. This is the first title from the soundtrack of a Wim Wenders movie, Until the End of the World. I am a huge Wenders fan, but I found this movie extremely disappointing to say the least, but loved the album!!!

Here are the complete lyrics:

Summer Kisses, Winter Tears
As sang by Julee Cruise
(Until The End Of The World)

Summer kisses, winter tears
That was what he gave to me
Never thought I’d travel all alone the trail of memory

Happy hours, lonely years
But I guess I can’t complain
For I still recall the summer sun throughout the winter days

Fire of love, the fire of love
Can burn from afar
And nothing can light the dark of the night like a falling star
Summer kisses, Winter tears
Like the sky may fade away
Leaving me to spend my lonely nights with dreams of yesterday

Summer kisses, winter tears
I’m afraid Julee Cruise will never appeal to the masses like a Britney Spears or a Madonna for example, but I personally find her slightly menacing and yet incredibly syrupy little girl voice extremely interesting! If you find her singing interesting like I do, her voice sings the title track of David Lynch‘s rather campy soap-opera Twin Peaks. She also makes a guest appearance in the show’s pilot Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. And of course, you can also get a hold of her album: Floating Into the Night.

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