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Brief update, March 2nd, 2007

Chapter 9 is almost finished!  Phew!  I just need to do some tweaking to it and provided servers don’t go down (one never knows!) will get posted early next week!


My Dear Readers:

Sorry for the delay on posting this chapter, but January is the cruellest month! (not April to mis-quote T.S.Eliot…). Lots of ideas, but no time to write them down! I also dislike inmensely the idea of posting something, just so that it’s posted … T-T

Anyhow, just to show I am working on the chapter, a small preview (which might be subject to some slight changes, but nothing major… Meanwhile…patience!




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First of all:

Happy New Year Everyone!!!


‘Tis the season to be crazy…err…jolly! (for sure) It’s amazing how busy things get around here with friends, family, etc… In any case, I have been working on the story…albeit with the gait of a turtle ^.^ (do not forget the fable of the tortoise and the hare! XXXD)

  • Chapter 9: Chaos Signs (currently still writing…hoping to meet my preset deadline X Definitely will be delayed T_T Too much stuff happening around here! My apologies to all of you who have waited patiently! lol! I promise that when the chapter is posted it will be a good one!)
    Quistis and Seifer go to Timber to renegociate contracts with the government on behalf of B-Garden.
  • Chapter 10: Implosion (partially written)
    synopsis: Why is it that things which are simple in theory can become so complicated in the practise? Like human relationships, for example…
  • Chapter 11: Ardente Veritates
    Halcyon days of childhood come to an abrupt end.
  • Chapter 12: Fire and Earth
    or should be retitled as “Zell’s Adventures in Baaland!”
  • Chapter 13: Collision
    synopsis: Some things are ended only to serve as a prelude to other beginnings.
  • Chapter 14: Overpopulation
    synopsis: Life in Esthar with 4 roommates!

Book II will probably contain around 20 chapters, perhaps a bit less…

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Wow! Finally! My apologies for the delay, but there were a couple of things I needed to add that I had thought I already did, but didn’t!

Anyways, enjoy!

Cheez out!

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Hello! Hello!

Sorry I haven’t been updating Book II as frequently as I did with Book I, but these past few months have been pretty hectic X_X! As of now, expect updates every month or so (I will definitely keep this ficcie up!)… Probably an update at the end of every month, just to give readers a timeframe.

On the plus side, I’ll be uploading Chapter 8 sometime tonight (when I get home from class! Man, going to class sucks, but flunking out sucks even more :( ! )

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Finally! I thought I would never get to this post! In any case, it promises to be a bit longer than I thought, so I divided it into two. Part 2 will follow soon! The complete episode is out!  XD


As usual my stuff can be found at fanfiction.net or Other FF8 Stories

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OMG! Finally! You can find it either at fanfiction.net or my site!

Enjoy the read!

I’m currently working on the next chapter: Congestion. As a hint, the title totally summarizes the chapter!

I’m also working on the next episode of SeeD and the City: The Shoe Dilemma. It should be posted soon! I just needed to resolve some issues before I sat down to write the entire episode… ( I usually write little side notes before I actually sit down to write the entire thing!) ;)

Mini Update:  Shoe Dilemma will be posted sometime definitely before Friday!

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Back on Track with the story!

Okay! I got my anime fix (not quite out of the way, but at least under control :D). I would like to dedicate this preview to the Advent of Necromancer readership! It’s my way of saying…“I’m working on it!… Please be patient!…”

I was going to include the traditional Quistis/Seifer pic, but then I realized… Hey this chapter is all about Zell! As I didn’t have much time to fish around for a nice Zell pic, I decided to use the theme of the chappie as an image! For those of you who would like to see a pic of Zuleima, I’ve included a drawing of her on the char profiles (filed under First Generation)

On a side note, for the people interested in Wembley’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the World! you can add your five gils in the ongoing “discussion” between Wembley and his Editor! You can role play a disgruntled reader of Timber Maniacs! ;)

Signing off!

Cheez ^.^


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