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OMG! or should I say OMHyne! Finally, finally! I thought I wouldn’t make it! I actually ended up rewriting some parts of it completely! Also, I had to let it sit for at least a day and do extensive re-reading! (which also inevitably means editing BIG TIME!) Sorry! That’s the way I always work! Either in my fics or anything I write…

In any case, for all those who waited this long, thank you for your patience and I hope that it was worth your while!

Advent of the Necromancer site

Signing off,



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Right on schedule! I’m sooo proud of myself! You can find it in its usual place at fanfiction.net or at Other FF8 Stories site!

Epilogue’s up!

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Phew! I decided to post this part because I don’t want to read it again! Everytime I do so, it seems like I should be adding more stuff! The last and final instalment, which should’ve been this one… Will be posted by this Saturday!

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy reading this one!

Cheezy Cheez

PS: Yeah, this one is very much a very very cheezy one indeed!

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Hello! Hello!

I would like to apologize to my readers for the delay in the posting of Advent of the Necromancer‘s new chapter.

Judging by the number of hits on my site, many people are eagerly waiting to read the next installment of this fic! I just want to reassure everyone that I haven’t given up the story! There’s just been a slight delay… I wish to finish Tales of the Surly Knight (which should be over soon!), before I embark once again on Necromancer, plus it’s spin-off SeeD and the City

In any case, the next chapter, entitled “Expansion” focuses mainly on the aftermath of the events that took place during “Density”. It also dwells a bit on their probable causes and introduces the “Order of Zaruthra”…

As to Seed and the City, yup! There’s gonna be a wedding on this one! Nida is taking the plunge into marriage bliss, and asks for our Selphie’s help! Can Nida and his soon to be partner-in-life survive her help? That’s for you to read in Episode 2: “The Shoe Dilemma”

SeeD and the City

I was inspired by the idea for that Episode…


Projected release of Chapter 5: “Expansion” on Fanfiction.net the third week of September. I’ve been working on it in bits and pieces, but I need time to give it a thorough editing! (School started…)

For those of you reading Tales of the Surly Knight, the final chapter should be ready by the end of next week at the LATEST!

Incidentally, It just dawned on me that when I post chapters featuring Seifer and Quistis I get absolutely no feedback whatsoever… (like or dislike) which always makes me wonder… Please don’t get me wrong, I’m absolutely NOT a review-whore, nor do I wish to solicit anyone for them! I’m just mentioning something that sparks my curiosity. My Seifer-Quistis scenerios are the ones that get the most hits! (that’s why I’m curious…)

Cheez ;-)


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I decided to post Act V in two pieces after all; otherwise the resulting chapter will end up being simply too large. You will notice, “Part I” is pretty big… The first part ties up a lot of little stray bits of plot I’ve let lying around.

As for those of you dying for a fix of the Seifer+Quistis scenario… Do not despair! Part II is almost completely devoted to our fave couple!

Oh, and check out this cool pencil sketch by an artist named Aeolia!

Lady Fujin

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Sorry about the delay on posting the final act of Surly Knight, but I ran into a bit of a problem (called human stupidity…mine!) and lost quite a big chunk of Act V! Therefore, I was faced with the question of whether I should continue with it or not… Since I was extremely annoyed at myself, I decided NOT to make a rash decision (ultimately based on being-pissed-off!) and to sleep on the matter!

As they say, “new day, new outlook!” Once I was in a much calmer mindset, I looked at what I had (some 4000 words), and decided to continue with it… Having said all that, during the rewriting of the erased scenes, I started adding other stuff… As a result Act V is one HUGEchapter! Larger than what I had originally intended… (Once completed it will be around 12,000 words!) However, I haven’t decided yet if I will partition it like Act IV or just let it ride as one long, long final chapter! If I do post in parts, Part I should be ready by tomorrow!

And yes, this time I have multiple backup copies!


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I finally finished tweaking this particular chappie! Wow! Was it ever long! (That’s why I broke it down in two). My aim is to complete this fic by the end of August! Oh, well! Time will tell, but if I don’t finish it by then, I’m afraid it will have to go to the backburner! School’s starting! And trust me, profs are not too nice about deadlines!!! T,T

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